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l farmhouse of the golden yellow ginkgo tree was attracted, and our car drove into the small farmhouse called ��The Flowing Waters��. The small ginkgo trees are opening a golden smile to welcome us. As if I had seen a long time friend, I stood under the ginkgo tree for a long time and stared at it affectionately Wholesale Cigarettes. Golden ginkgo leaves, you know? For your golden yellow leaves, I have been waiting for one year and one month. Ginkgo tree, you are a kind of tree, you are a tree of Ruiqi, you are a tree unique to China, you are an ancient Chinese tree. Your green leaves give people a strong shade, and your golden leaves are more exciting. After enjoying the experience, we sat down at the table in the small farmhouse, and ordered a few farmhouse dishes. In the sunny sunshine, we tasted the delicious taste of the farmhouse dishes. We ate and talked with the owner. Gossip. When the owner learned that we were coming to Batam for the second time in order to see the ginkgo leaf, he told us that this time is indeed the season of ginkgo leaf yellow. The time we came is correct, but this year is the ginkgo fruit. In the New Year, the nutrition of the ginkgo tree has been absorbed into the fruit. The leaves of the ginkgo tree have not grown much. After several autumn and autumn rains, the leaves will be muddy. Yes, the beautiful scenery needs to wait, the spring view pear flower, the summer look lotus flower, the autumn look flower, the winter season, the flower season has its dazzling best moment, once you miss it, just wait for the next season to bloom. A flower, a world, a leaf and a bodhi Newport Cigarettes Coupons, many details in life are interrelated. Flowers need to wait, and life needs to wait. When everything comes to us, we need to grasp it. He said that next year will be the golden year of ginkgo leaves. If you are interested, you will come again next spring, autumn, season change, annual ring fit, and the season of ginkgo leaves yellowing. In my dream, the ginkgo leaf of the Changxing Xiaopu Baduyi Ginkgo Promenade is yellow. The car is galloping, the mood is flying, and the ten-mile corridor is in front of you. It is said that the ancient ginkgo tree is distributed in the Xiaopu area of ??Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. The geographical location shows that it is ten miles long, so the town of Ginkgo tree in Baduyi is called the Shili Ancient Ginkgo Promenade. At the intersection, a golden ginkgo tree has been waving to us. It��s the right time, I can��t help but be full of emotions. The more the car opened, the more eager the mood was, and the golden color that was expected did not appear as expected. It��s not a ginkgo tree that flashes a tree with no leaves on the branches. Are we coming late? There will be a few ginkgo trees with a few autumn yellows Cigarettes For Sale. This kind of scene tells me clearly, it��s still a late step, and there are so few golden ginkgo trees that I can watch. . The golden ginkgo leaf has a unique beauty, the yellow is pure yellow, like jade yellow, crystal clear yellow. The yellow of a ginkgo leaf is already beautiful, and the yellow of the bunch of leaves gathers Cheap Cigarettes, or stretches upwards, or hangs down, making people look ecstatic, admiring if someone asks me, what color is autumn? ? I will answer, the autumn is golden yellow, just like the yellow of the ginkgo leaf, the golden yellow, the fruitful yellow, the mature and sophisticated yellow. The yellow of Ginkgo biloba is the ultimate of the golden autumn, the best of the autumn scenery, and the top of the autumn. At this point, I can't figure out whether I like autumn because I like golden yellow, or because this golden ginkgo leaf only likes autumn. I am enjoying my love under the ginkgo tree. I stood under a small ginkgo tree with golden leaves, and gently shook her trunk, and the leaves fluttered across my head as I swayed Parliament Cigarettes, gently falling to my feet. Look at the ground around me, I have accumulated a lot of scattered golden yellow ginkgo leaves, intimately cuddling, intimately piled up, and naughtyly watching the pieces flying in the air The leaves, I suddenly thought that I was not a leaf? For the sake of ideals, for the sake of life, I have been rushing in the society for most of my life. When I was young, I always wanted to fly as high as possible. The farther the better, the older I knew that I had to return to the roots, I needed to be quiet, I knew my destiny. where is it. Standing in my dream of the Badu Ginkgo Promenade, the old ginkgo tree, the golden ginkgo leaf, like a dream that can't be finished, a song that can't be sung, can't understand because of this golden yellow. The land, I have been reluctant to leave for a long time, I will turn into a leaf, and they will always be with them.
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