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play, it could be caught out of context
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Bernie Ecclestone fears Lewis Hamilton will dominate Formula One in 2017 as he doubts Mercedes will find him a teammate able to challenge for the title. Nike Nike Huarache Homme Noir .Mercedes is currently searching for a new driver to replace Nico Rosberg following the world champions sudden retirement from the sport, which he announced just five days after winning the title. Hamilton has repeatedly said he does not care who replaces Rosberg but the list of candidates has shortened this week after Fernando Alonso ruled himself out of a switch from McLaren.After seeing Mercedes dominate for the last three seasons and with the team already being billed as favourites for next year, F1 chief Ecclestone is worried we could see more of the same next year -- albeit without a straight fight between two teammates.?I think nobody would want to buy tickets and go to watch a race or watch on television Lewis disappearing from us when the lights go off, Ecclestone told Sky Sports News. And probably lapping the field a couple of times. It would be bad for everybody and bad for Lewis as well, because I think he wants to win fair and wants to beat somebody.I hope Im completely wrong in my assessment of the championship with Lewis. I hope I am wrong and whoever goes and sits in the same team can beat him or hurry him up [so] that he makes mistakes. My personal opinion is that its not going to happen.When asked who he thinks will replace Rosberg, he said: I think theres one or two of them who are capable of performing. I dont think anybody is going to beat Lewis.Ecclestone then offered an opinion on Red Bulls Max Verstappen, who he believes could match Hamilton if given the same car.Verstappen has been super. When I say nobody [can challenge], maybe Max in that car could hurry Lewis along a little bit. The problem is a simple one: the Mercedes team, engine, everything, is perfect and theyve got the best driver in the world. Nike Juvenate Homme Rouge .7 million, one-year contract, a raise of $2.2 million. Wieters had asked for $8.75 million and the Orioles had offered $6. Nike Juvenate Grise Homme .C. Lions has come to an end. Banks told TSN on Jan 2 that he had no interest in playing out the option year of his contract with the Lions in 2014, and he again made that clear in a conversation with Lions GM Wally Buono last week. .Y. -- Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone has drawn on his Syracuse connections once again by hiring Rob Moore to take over as receivers coach. Its no surprise that Los Angeles Dodgers star Corey Seager likes to keep an eye on how his brother is playing, but you will be surprised by what TV show he watches to bring him good luck on the field.Who was your favorite player growing up? Seager:?Derek Jeter. Both of my parents are from Upstate New York, so my dad was a Yankees fan and I grew up a Yankees fan. Then, there are the obvious reasons why. Great player, great person, great teammate. Hes just a true professional. And Im still waiting to meet him.Who is your favorite player to watch today (not a teammate)? Seager:?I guess I have to go Kyle [Seager], dont I? Go with him. Ive watched him for a long time and still enjoy watching him.Who is your most underrated teammate? Seager:?Its probably that guy right there (points to Justin Turner sitting nearby). Definitely that guy right there for sure. We wouldnt be where we are without him, thats for sure. He carried us for a month, month and a half. Its been really big and hopefully he keeps it up.Whats the most annoying question you are asked by the media?Seager:?I cant say the one I was going to say about being asked about my brother, because I just said he was my favorite player, non-teammate. Id say the ones about errors, when they ask about errors. Those are the hardest oones to answer. Air Max 97 Acheter. ne rule you would change? Seager:?The slide at second. The neighborhood play. I would change that back to normal. I would go back to the way it was before. At least, the way it was before you could get away from the runner a little bit. Now youre on the bag and have to be on the bag and they have to slide into the bag so its worse, I think. You have to re-learn turning the double play.Who is ultimately responsible for policing the game? Players, manager, umpires, league? Seager:?I would say the players and managers are the good way to police it because they are actually in on the game. If you just see something on one play, it could be caught out of context.How big of a problem are PEDs in todays game? Seager:?I dont really have a notion of it. They are cracking down on it so thats good. They are trying to eliminate it as much as possible.What is something that people dont know about you or have wrong about you?Seager:?I am an avid fan of the show New Girl. The Schmidt character is hilarious. I am a New Girl watcher. When you need hits the next day, I watch episodes of New Girl. Thats my superstition. It gets me locked in. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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