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Questions about Blade & Soul

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# 09.03.2016 - 04:27:12

Welcome to today's Megathread!
The topic today is Recruitment. Today's thread is to help everyone to recruit for their clans or groups, or to find other people to play with.
Looking for new members for your clan, or trying to find a clan? Need people to team up and beat stuff together? This is the thread to talk about it.
There's no template for posting, but always make sure to include your Faction, Region and Server.
As always, if you have any suggestions or problems with the weekly threads or the subreddit in general, you're always welcome to Message the moderators.
And if you want to
buy BNS gold,choose our team.

Part 1:
Clan Name: Recon
Server: Iksanun
Faction: Crimson
Focus: PvP / PvE / Social / Active / Casual
Leader: Miyoju
Co-Leaders: Eve Vaedia, Crimson smash
Recon is a Crimson clan on Iksanun (NA) Server. We are a tight-knit community of active players, focusing on building friendship and camaraderie. Cooperating through PvP and PvE content, we are willing to help players of all levels with the mutual goal of enjoying the game and having fun.
We are looking for friendly and social players to join. Our clan is active during all hours, with a diverse mix of members from all over.
Interested? PM Miyoju, Crimson smash or Eve Vaedia in game for an invite!

Part 2:
Clan Name: LegendaryBeasts Server: Wild Springs EU Faction: Crimsom Legion Clan Rank: 4 Members: 12
Hello fellow players. We are a small clan looking for active and mature players to hangout and clear content together. We enjoy both PvP and PvE and like to clear content as it arrives. We are not harcore players, but we are active 4-6 hours a day.
Who to ask for an invite:
Leader: An unseen redhead assasin who goes by the name Akaitensi. Advisor: A small but deadly blonde FM called Tatsumaki Lin. Veteran: An ugly BM called Mefushiki.
If a meteor falls on our houses and you can't find us online leave me a pm here with your IGN and I will invite you.
We also have a new Discord server. It is not mandatory to use it, but we really enjoy talking to each other and also it helps in dungeon organasation.

Part 3:
The Sock Monkeyz are Recruiting!!!
Server: Jiwan
Region: NA
Clan Name: TheSockMonkeyz
To join Msg "Radient" or "Kaleia" in game or "Radeint" on reddit!
Hello, TheSockMonkeyz clan is looking for more members. we are recruiting players on Jiwan for PVE/PVP/Dailies and more. Right now we have 8 members and looking to grow ( only 2 more needed for rank 6!! ). We also are seeking those who want something that is a mix of casual/hardcore.We want members who are looking to try achieve the most they can in the game and build a strong clan to enable that. Our goal right now is to welcome members who want to have a group to do the following :
Dungeons: we need a strong 4 man and 6 man group - run 24 man for items and
cheap blade & soul gold ( faster with ppl that know what they are doing ) -run dungeons for gear -run dungeons for Dailies
Faction Dailies: - have a group to kill crimsons while you run dailies
PVP: -a group you can learn with ( spar) - PVP friends to play 3v3 - World PVP fun ( because it is fun crashing a red party )
Crafting: we have one member going pretty hardcore on crafting as well as other members who are crafting. we want to get to a point where the clan members can craft and provide benefits to each other within the clan ( trading , making MW stones and breakthroughs easier)
Msg "Radient" or "Kaleia" in game or "Radeint" on reddit!
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